I’ve learned what I’m passionate about and I’m nurturing that. I am connecting with people of a different mindset, people in the slow lane. I am foraging for my future…..unfurling.

I’ve always loved flowers, and began my floral career in early 2013. This year, 2016, I have started a creative outlet and I’m following my own path with Unfurled I am a slow florist, which means I choose to be conscious of where my materials come from, and who’s growing them. Were they grown by a local farmer down the coast…or shipped in from another continent? Fern1What natural mechanics can I use in an arrangement to replace floral foam? Where can I responsibly forage for lichen covered branches?

I love texture and depth. I can’t get enough of unusual botanicals. I enjoy creating something distinctive for each client. I just love it when a customer exclaims: “What IS that? It’s so different!” I am all about sharing what I know & love with others. It’s the little things!